Best Reads of 2015

Great Reads 2015 - Part 1

I read a ton of books.  I enjoy the summer brainless read as much as anyone but these books give a little more to your soul. I hope you enjoy them! The Language of Flowers: A Novel Wow, I loved this book. A book woven out of flowers and the meaning of flowers while giving us the […]

File Cabinet Re-Design


I got this large wood file cabinet at an auction. It was not in great shape and the wood finish was just looking a big aged and worn out. I knew I wanted to strip the top and stain it and paint the rest of the piece with chalk paint. Here it is when I […]

Vegetarian Chili with Secret Ingredient


I haven’t made my vegetarian chili in a while.  With my modified autoimmune paleo diet, the beans really aren’t part of my diet. I have a rare autoimmune disease so I find that a clean eating diet is the best choice to keep it from flaring too much. It is snowing on the first day […]

Crochet Prayer Blankets


I just finished my first large crochet project.  I tried knitting and just didn’t love it.  You have to be more advanced to get the really awesome knitting looks, or so it seems to me.  But with crochet, you can get great patterns right from the beginner level. I am making a blanket for each […]

A new beginning…


Sometimes it takes a big knock on the head to get yourself back on track. It is time for a new beginning. What do those rough times and bumps and bruises along the road of life teach us? They teach us to look inward and live consciously. They teach us to find our joy, to find […]

Homemade Strawberry Jam…Yummm


It is strawberry season here in the mid-east.  I have gone picking twice and made strawberry jam.  This is my first time making jam. I did some Internet research and I think it came out pretty well.  Well enough that I went and picked more after my first batch to make more.  I decided to […]

Prayer to find your peace…


I am feeling internal turmoil.  Nothing is horribly wrong.  I am truly blessed with my family and children and home but the unease is still there.  I often here that the best think to do when this feeling comes is to pray and to turn it over to God. Well, in true serendipitous fashion I […]

A mirror to match


I got this fantastic furniture for a seller on craigslist.  It is for a future project.  Though I keep hearing “Don’t paint it, don’t paint it!”  These people have no faith in my skill, lol! So when I went to pick it up, they through in this mirror. I had a before picture but can’t […]

Green smoothies


I am trying to get more organic and more raw with all my food. It is not like a switch you can just turn on and then you are magically doing all the right things. I was sick for about 5 years after my second child was born.  Through trial and lots of error and Lent, I […]

Roses for no occasion!


Hubby bought me some roses today.  Thank you hubby! I love having fresh flowers in the house.  They are great décor!